Fellowship Exhibition ~ City and Guilds of London Art School

I am premiering a new body  of work called ‘The Cadaver Room’ at City and Guilds of London Art School, as my three year Research Fellowship comes to an end. I would be delighted if you could attend the exhibition, where my work will be showcased alongside graduating MA students of the School of Fine Art.

'The Cadaver Room’ explores the transgressive relationship between the animal and the human forms - stripping both back to their raw, most abject, primitive forms. The work seeks a common trait - the orifices - for it is within these orifices that the confines of the body are overcome. The body of work consists of a central alter piece sculpture - a 14 sided sphere, upon where the boundaries of each facet divide one body from the other at their points of intersection. Nets have been printed from the sculpture and provide an ordered dissection of the piece. In these we see the grotesque body laid out, unraveled and exposed.

Dates for the show are as follows: 

Wednesday 11 September 5pm - 9pm Private View

Thursday 12 September 10am - 7.30pm

Friday 13 September 10am - 7.30pm

Saturday 14 September 10am - 5pm

Sunday 15 September 10am - 5pm

City and Guilds of London Art School,

124 Kennington Park Road,


SE11 4DJ